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vr minecraft server (Arx machina)

Our Minecraft server is a VR compatible survival (SMP) map. It is a heavily modded server with custom made quests, custom built maps, many additional dungeons, many improvements on the existing dungeons, improved Nether and End, custom built overworld maps, additional dimensions, custom built lobbies and towns, and many more things as well. We support claim survival, we do not allow grieving. Right now the server is closed to those whitelisted, but we will open it up to the public soon. If you want to join our Minecraft server now then you can join our Discord by clicking the link below. Just ask to be whitelisted. 

server screenshots



Hytale is a ambitious MMORPG made by Minecraft modders. Riot games was impressed so they decided to buy the game and they are continuing development on it. It has many built in tools to edit and mod your own server, similar to what you can do in Minecraft. The project is supposed to release in 2024, and we plan to launch a Hytale server as soon as the game releases. 

hytale (1).jpg
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