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Nestro: The World's First Shiny Rare!

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Nestro acquired the world's first shiny rare, which turned out to be a Dekute, and it was caught by a fairly new player named Zhepern who didn't play the game for long after catching the Dekute.

Shiny Rares: How rare are they?

The developers just recently reworked the algorithms for shiny Revomon, making them much more rare than they were in the past. The developer Jordan reported the first week of April 2022 that only 3-5 shiny common Revomon were being caught on average per day instead of the old average which was around 15-20 shiny common Revomon per day.

Shiny Rare Spawns

To figure out the chance of a shiny rare spawning, we will need to multiply the chances of a shiny spawning times the chance of a rare spawning:

  • Shiny: 1/8,192

  • Rare: 1/512

  • Shiny Rare: 1/4,194,304

Those are the old algorithms, according to Jordan it is about 3 times harder to catch a shiny than it was according to that algorithm I just shared with you. If that's true, then it would be closer to 1/12,000,000 for a shiny rare chance.

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