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Carnage has a large number of Elite tier accounts. We are proposing a 60/40 split with anyone in the community who wishes to partner with us in order to burn their Revomon. 60% of the profits go to you for providing the Revomon, and 40% of the profits go to Carnage for providing the means to burn your Revomon.

With the current rewards, you will receive 87 Revo for a shiny Revomon, and 72 Revo for a legendary Revomon. The amount is subject to change as prices change, so please check the prices before making a submission. If you wish to proceed, please fill out the form below.

1. Fill out the form below.

2. Send the NFTs to the wallet address we provide in our reply.

3. We burn your NFTs, and send 60% of the profit to your wallet within 24 hours.


Success! Burn request received.

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