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the sewers

boss one: Mutated Rat

Boss two: sewer slime

Boss One: Mutated Rat
Tank Buster: None


We have a very humble fishing guide we put together in the Orbus Reborn Beta which we are sharing. Below are a couple photos of the fishing locations for the new fish added to Reborn and unedited notes straight from Ezze and TrumpChange's fishing notepads. They are the two members that did the majority of the fishing for Carnage.  They were also responsible for tracking down the new fish in the game. Ezze found the spawn points and spawn times for the Kylakin/Jelmiry and TrumpChange found the lure combinations.


KYLAKIN - wastelands

jELMIRY - rainforest

Lures: Snake Bits, Bloody Flesh, Eyeworm.
Location: Kylakin can be found in the body of water close to the Wasteland Scav Defense event when it's sunny out. There is a good time to catch them around 7:30AM Central and they appear to be biting for about an hour. 
Lures: Snake Bits, Fat Fly, Shiny Metal.
Location: One good location these are found is in the Rainforest right across from the Hermit Camp. They can only be caught when it's raining. 
Tank Buster: None

fishing notes

ezze's notepad

Fish: kylakin - nibble upper highstep no rain evening Saturday 6:30 AM CST. 12:10 AM CST clear daytime. not snakebits/fly/minnow, not flesh/..., not tooth/tongue/feather; Hulthine basin north by entrance to rainforest (few clouds, daytime 7PM CST Sat exact) 6:15 PM CST Sun sunrise/set? clear no rain.

Fish: blimp - highstep upper & lower, no rain, evening, moon Saturday 4:00 PM CST. also found Sat morning. Rainforest south of hermit Sunday 12:15, 12:38 PM night cloudy.

Fish: Pheonix - highstepp upper, evening/alwasy?. North rainforest by dragon race silithus fishing.

Fish: sun - highstep upper/lower

Fish: catfish - highstep lower

Fish: eel - rainforest north

Fish: bass - rainforest

Fish: clownfish - rainforest teleport(edited)

Fish: jelmiry - rainforest raining night cloudy Saturday 5:15 PM CST south of hermit by cutthroat cave east & other teleport. Small fishing area, doesn't appear to extend to other parts of the same body of water. 4:15 CST Sunday raining, late afternoon sunset Fly/snake/shiny.

Fish: flounder - southwet rainforest both larger and smaller lake by cutthroat cave east & west exit. Night, clear, no rain 5:30 PM CST Sat. night cloudy moon sw of TDC, no rain, 1PM CST Sun (start time?) 3PM CST

Fish: minnow - hulthine basin north by entrance to rainforest. wastelands bridge & south pond

Fish: axolotol - hulthine basin north by entrance to rainforest (also has minnow...). hulthine basin east body of water by big statue with broken head (no minnow)

Fish: dwarf shark - hulthine basin north by entrance to rainforest. hulthine basin east body of water by big statue with broken head.

Fish: spiralback - hulthine basin east bod of water by big statue with broken head

Fish: rigeback - wastelands south pond

Fish: cloak - wastelands south pond

Fish: Frosted Perch - hulthin basin north by entrance to rainforest. Sunset, clear, no rain 7:01 PM CST Sunday

Fish: Perch North of central hulthine basin on island with mobs 7:40 PM Monday, raining, cloudy sunset also caught 8:20 PM Monday after rain had stopped.  Also found many/all other locations in throughout Hulthine; however, southern locations also catch spiral back with same lure
Fish: Kylakin, any island in Hulthine that connect the Lamavora entrances; almost entire zone except maybe far north; seems to be present any time of day/night.

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